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M_Rockatansky Offline

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21.04.2014 20:44
DC Heroclix The Flash - Dezember 2014 - Komplette Setlist online! antworten

Komplette Setlist:

Main Set

001a: The Flash (Jay Garrick)
001b: The Rival
002: Max Mercury
003: Jesse Quick
004: XS
005: ARGUS Agent
006: Central City Police Officer
007: STAR Labs Technician
008: Gorilla City Soldier
009: Mob Rule
010: Samuroid
011: Chillblaine
012: Captain Boomerang (Owen Mercer)
013: The Trickster (Axel Walker)
014: Girder
015: Rag Doll
016: Doctor
017: Swift

018: Steve Trevor
019a: The Flash (Barry Allen)
019b: Bizarro Flash
020: Mirror Master (Sam Scudder?)
021: Pied Piper
022: Trickster
023: Captain Boomerang (George "Digger" Harkness)
024: The Top
025: Golden Glider
026: Rainbow Raider
027: Reverse-Flash
028: Tar Pit
029: Fiddler
030: Thorn
031: Turtle
032: Jenny Quantum
033: Jack Hawksmoor

034: Amanda Waller
035: Impulse
036: Tornado Twins
037a: Wally West
037b: The Dark Flash
038: Captain Cold
039: Dr. Alchemy
040: Weather Wizard (Marco Mardon?)
041: Heat Wave
042: Fallout
043: Murmur
044: Savitar
045: Etrigan The Demon
046: Harley Quinn
047: Zoom (Hunter Zolomon)
048: Apollo
049: Midnighter

Super Rares
050: The Flash (Kingdom Come)
051: Elongated Man
052: Captain Thunder
053a: Professor Zoom
053b: Zoom (Black Lantern)
054: Abra Kadabra
055: Cobalt Blue
056: Gorilla Grodd
057: Magenta
058: Deathstroke
059: The Shade
060: The Engineer
061: Jenny Sparks

062: Pandora
063: Phantom Stranger
064: The Question

Gravity Feed:
201: The Flash (Jay Garrick)
202: The Flash
203: Max Mercury
204: Central City Police Captain
205: A.R.G.U.S. Researcher
206: Captain Boomerang
207: Golden Glider
208: Rag Doll
209: Gorilla City Commander
210: Mob Rule

Fast Forces:
001: Captain Cold
002: Captain Boomerang
003: Mirror Master
004: Weather Wizard
005: Heat Wave
006: Pied Piper

Alle Previews in der Bildergalerie, leider gabs in den letzten Wochen vor Release keine neuen Previews.

Rogues Fast Forces Dials:

DC HeroClix: The Flash 10 Ct. Booster Brick
DC Comics’ “scarlet speedster” races into the spotlight in the newest expansion from WizKids Games. For the first time ever, Central City’s favorite hero is featured in an all-new HeroClix set! DC HeroClix: The Flash spans the careers of many heroes who have been known as “The Flash” and includes friends, family and enemies from all eras of the Flash’s history!
• Sub-themes include the Rogues, the Flash’s allies, the Authority, and more!
• Also features the Harley Quinn HeroClix World Champion Piece and 2013 DC Fan Vote Winner Etrigan the Demon!
• Includes 68 figures to collect, with the following rarity breakdown:
• 17 Common figures (plus one Prime)
• 16 Uncommon figures (plus one Prime)
• 16 Rare figures (plus one Prime)
• 12 Super Rare figures (plus one Prime)
• 3 thematic Chase figures

DC HeroClix: The Flash “The Rogues” Fast Forces Pack
The Flash’s most persistent and famous foes star in this latest HeroClix Fast Forces pack from WizKids Games!
• The Rogues are determined to ruin the Flash’s day as they strike the Flash Museum in Central City! Captains Cold and Boomerang are joined by Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, Heat Wave and the Pied Piper in this all-new HeroClix Fast Forces offering from WizKids Games!
• Featuring 6 HeroClix figures with all-new dial designs, two exclusive maps, and an impulse-friendly price point, this Fast Forces pack is an excellent product for new and established players!
• Fast Forces packs are designed for quick play and easy teambuilding for both tournaments and causal games.

DC HeroClix: The Flash 24 Ct. Gravity Feed
DC Comics’ “scarlet speedster” takes center stage in the newest DC HeroClix expansion from WizKids Games!
• Countdown to the full release of The Flash with this 24 Ct. Primer Gravity Feed. Plan your kick-off events now to increase awareness for this latest DC HeroClix expansion!
• Featuring 10 figures with flat rarity and all-new dial designs, the DC HeroClix:The Flash Primer Gravity Feed is an excellent addition to your HeroClix collection. Each single-figure foil pack contains one HeroClix figure and character card!
• Play as Max Mercury, Golden Glider and more as you encounter the mysterious Gorilla City Soldiers and authoritative Central City Police!
• With an impulse-friendly price point, single-figure foil packs are a great purchase for new and established players alike!

DC HeroClix: The Flash Release Day Organized Play Kit
The DC HeroClix The Flash Release Day Organized Play Kit contains everything a retailer needs to bring HeroClix players into their store for a special release day event - including new limited edition figures and maps!
• Stores order DC HeroClix: : The Flash Release Day Organized Play Kits directly from their distributor. DC HeroClix: : The Flash Release Day OP kit orders will be verified against stores’ demonstrated HeroClix event performance. No retail store location may order more than 3 Release Day OP Kits total.
• The DC HeroClix: The Flash Release Day Organized Play Kit is covered by the WizKids Promotional Product Licensing Agreement and is marked “NOT FOR RESALE”.
• Stores are not required to have a volunteer or judge present to run an event; store owners may ultimately determine how events in their store will run and how the kits are used to promote in-store play.
• Each OP Kit includes prizes to host a release day event, with a prize for 1st, a fellowship drawing and a judge reward. A suggested format guide is included and makes it easy for stores to run HeroClix organized play for the first time.
• OP Kit Contents:
• 3 Limited Edition 3D Objects. Three copies of one 3D Object.
• 5 2-sided Maps (24” x 36”).
• 1 Organized Play Instruction Sheet outlining suggested event formats.

M_Rockatansky Offline

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21.04.2014 21:30
#2 RE: DC Heroclix The Flash - November 2014 antworten

Kein Gerücht mehr, Flash Fact ;)

Rogues FF super genial, weniger Chases und der OP-Kit hat keine Figuren.

Ich freu mich drauf!

Exodus ( gelöscht )

21.04.2014 23:14
#3 RE: DC Heroclix The Flash - November 2014 antworten

Zitat von outsider im Beitrag #2
Kein Gerücht mehr, Flash Fact ;)

Rogues FF super genial, weniger Chases und der OP-Kit hat keine Figuren.

Ich freu mich drauf!

Das sind mal coole Erneuerungen, hoffe das bleibt für die anderen Sets so. Hab aber wenig Hoffnung.

matrixg ( gelöscht )

22.04.2014 08:47
#4 RE: DC Heroclix The Flash - November 2014 antworten

Na bei den 3D Objects ist doch mit Sicherheit die Tretmühle bei :D

M_Rockatansky Offline

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22.04.2014 23:07
#5 RE: DC Heroclix The Flash - November 2014 antworten

Zitat von matrixg im Beitrag #4
Na bei den 3D Objects ist doch mit Sicherheit die Tretmühle bei :D

Wollen wir es hoffen :) Das Teil müsste dann auch die entsprechende Größe haben...wo man eine Figur reinstellen kann vielleicht. Das wäre fein. Könnte auch eine Ressource werden, aber bitte bitte nicht :)

Fenris ( gelöscht )

23.04.2014 22:36
#6 RE: DC Heroclix The Flash - November 2014 antworten

Ho, ho, Flash (bzw. Rogues)! - Klasse!

M_Rockatansky Offline

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05.11.2014 15:32
#7 RE: DC Heroclix The Flash - November 2014 antworten

Update mit den Dials des Rogues Fast Forces Pack!

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