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Blue Rat ( gelöscht )

02.11.2013 00:00
Collecting information for German Championship 2014 antworten

Hi guys! I am from Blue Rat Games in the UK for those that didn't meet me at Essen. I am writing because I have been talking to Esdevium Games who is the UK distributor for Heroclix and they have been telling me that they have been asked by Wizkids to take charge of running National events outside of Spain and France. I know we said there would be a UK event next year but they are looking at what other events they could run including a German Championship. They don't really have many contacts outside of the UK so I said I would speak to a few people including your group. What I would suggest is that if you are interested then maybe you could make a list of the number of players and where they play in Germany, this would give them some idea about the player base and how many people would attend such an event. I think they are interested in holding an event before Essen but have it as a qualifier to the European Championship. The more names you can get the more likely it is they will take notice. I also think by doing this you can become involved in helping get the event set up, with judging, finding location and so forth. If you are interested in getting involved with this please get back in touch and we can discuss some further ideas.

Chris Dunn

M_Rockatansky Offline

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02.11.2013 10:37
#2 RE: Collecting information for German Championship antworten

That is fantastic news, as i said to you already, we will gladly cooperate and help make it possible!

Kerson Offline

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04.11.2013 18:19
#3 RE: Collecting information for German Championship antworten

Hi Chris,

I got a pretty good relation the the guys from Wizkids.
And yes, they think about having German Nationals in 2014.
Since Wizkids is showing they get things done the last years (until now arrange the European Championship 2013) I am absolutely optimistic that there will be more nationals in Europe next year.
Thank you for your effort.


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